Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to tint my car?

A: Most full tints take 2-3 hours. Just the front windows will take around 45 minutes.

Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: Yes. We are by appointment only. You can schedule by calling or emailing us.

Q: Can I have darker than legal film installed?

A: Yes, with a doctors prescription. Please see WA State Tint Laws for more information.

Q: How long do I have to wait to roll down my windows after getting tint?

A: Wait two days before rolling down your windows.


Top notch! Communication and availability when setting up the tint appointment was great. Pricing is very reasonable for the high quality material and level of work this shop does. Personable and knowledgeable and I will definitely refer anyone looking for tint in this area!

-A M

This place has incredible customer service & their work is amazing! They did heat resistant tint on my business windows & it helped so much! They also tinted my car windows & I don’t let just anyone touch my car. Truly professional and great service all around. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a quality tint

-Joy Piturachsatit

Very professional. They got back to me right away I told them what I wanted done and they quoted me a price that beat all the other shops. Was in and out only took 15 minutes or so for two windows tinted. I would recommend this shop to anyone.

-Vic Land

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